Civil and water engineering is a traditional operation of the company Hecker Bau GmbH & Co. KG, the successor of the company Heinrich Hecker GmbH & Co. KG.

The competences primarily comprise the following activities in civil and water engineering:

  • Sheet piling works
  • Piling operations and pile driving
  • Dam construction
  • Port construction
  • Tide gate construction
  • Trough structures
  • Culvert syphons
  • Water gates
  • Retaining walls

In 1965 Heinrich Hecker, the company’s founder established the Tweelbäke Contractor´s Yard with a technical division in Hatten near Oldenburg. Over the years the yard has been growing and currently it comprises 5 acres and offers space for various modern machines and equipment.
The company Hecker Bau is thus capable of executing a wide range of high quality construction projects in civil and water engineering.

Some of Our Equipment and Machines:

  • 1 cable excavator, reach 49 m
  • 3 cable excavators, reach 30 and 40 m
  • 2 wheeled excavator, weight 14 tons
  • 1 pontoon ”beaver”(suitable for channels) for water engineering works
  • 1 pile hammer
  • 2 high-frequency vibrators
  • 1 swinging leader, length 45 m
  • 1 pile driver, weight 4,9 tons
  • 2 leaders, weight 3,1 tons
  • 1 swinging leader, length 30 m
  • 2 hydraulic hammers

welding equipment, compressors, casing material, containers, power units